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  1. Advice on turbo engine build for d16y8

    Forced Induction
    I'm working on rebuilding a d16y8 and need some advice on cylinder specs. I think I already have the answer to this, but looking for confirmation or opinions. I'm using a 2mm head gasket and 9.0:1 CP Carillo pistons, which together should bring the compression down to around 8.3:1 based on...
  2. Wiseco 10:1 and sleeved block

    New Member Introductions
    Has anyone ever seen a setup involving the following: Y8 head delta 272-2 supertech springs/retainers z6/y7/y8 sleeved block with wiseco 10:1 flat top pistons/eagle rods and boost on e85. How would one go about finding the power this setup could make? Obviously other than when it blows..
  3. Acceleration query

    Naturally Aspirated
    So ok, I have a stock D16y7, only mods are an intake, header, and full catback exhaust. My issue is this: Around 4.5-5K my engine accelerates as if it were vtec. Now i have double checked and am 100% positive this motor is not vtec A: I looked my self, no vtec solenoid. B: its a y7. My...
  4. d15b2 compression?

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hey guys I picked up a 89 EF hatch just over a year ago for $1400. When I bought it I didn't look at it really well but after bringing it home and looking through it I noticed it has a D15b2 with a A6 head on it, also noticed the PM6 ECU under the carpet. Its also got the A6 intake and tranny...
  5. here we go again...

    Engine Building
    as the title says, my civics giving me problems. Again. and yes, I've already done mass amounts of research, checked my pcv valve and any fuel lines for clogging but I have yet to come across ANYTHING that will help me out with this problem. To describe it a general way my car has lost almost...
  6. Best VTEC head to build for boosted ZC?

    Engine Building
    I'm fairly new to the Honda game and I'm working on my boosted ZC right now I plan on doing the mini swap and putting in a Vtec head. I'm already running a p28 so that's not a problem, before I put in the head I'm going to give it all the bells and whistles, no cost spared the only problem is, I...
  7. Rebuilding my y8...want more cr

    Engine Building
    was wondering what kind of rods would i need to use for pm6 pistons in a d16y8 engine, plan on using a 2 layer head gasket. will i have valve clearance issues? would it be better to use a y7 block? will i need to tune for 11:1 compression? tried searching but all i could find was mini-me...
  8. d16z6 compression problem!

    General Tech
    d16z6 90 hatchback si model and compression is very low! 60,30,60,30 wtf?? already converted to obd1..droped some oil in valve and compression stayed the same so i dont think its the bottom block.. maybe head gasket? bent valve? timing? anyone have experienced same problem?
  9. UK d15 mini me build

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hi, i'm in the UK and have a D15Z6 (UKDM Vtec-e, not mini me head swap) and i'm swapping a 3 stage JDM d15b head onto it, and am planning on bumping up the compression ratio and fitting itb's. I've already got a full exhaust system(manifold back) on the engine in my car (ek3) and have bought a...
  10. Just got back from making a screaming deal (Y8 goodness)

    Engine Building
    yes i have acquired a y8 head thats about as complete as you'd ever find (at least for what i paid.) vavle cover complete vavle train good head (we all love that):swallow: y8 intake mani vtec soli oh and the cam gear is there too. unfortunately no throttle body. no dizzy:sad: all for...
  11. New (bad) MotorF*WK Low Compression Help?

    Naturally Aspirated
    the car 94 civic lx, 4dr 75xxx original miles, symtoms, POSitus Hey Guys, so my last motor went out on me due to a headgasket (d15b7), however when Changed it ran like crap. After lots of troubleshooting (long story short) just decided to swap the motor since they're easy as pie. Buy motor...
  12. D15b vtec with p28 ecu plz help!

    Engine Management
    hi and thanks for looking at my post, im planning on running my p28 ecu with my d15b vtec but i had just one question. Does anyone know of my compression will be that of the z6 because i will be sing its ecu? i know the d15b is 9:6:1, to me it seems like because of the difference in timing the...