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  1. 7th Gen
    I recently had my timing belt jump and shred on me due to a fouled out tensioner bolt. ive replaced the belt, the bolt, and the spring. after getting it back in time it still wil not start. i pulled the VC and it didnt seem like a valve was bent because everything moved fine and there was no...
  2. Engine Management
    Hey ya'll, i did a compression test fully warmed up and throttle fully open, the motor is a stock d16a vtec and got cylinder 1, 210 psi cylinder 2, 210 psi cylinder 3, 205 psi cylinder 4, 210 psi i was wondering what that would be for a CR. I was also thinking of milling the head to...
  3. Engine Building
    what a good birthday present! haha So i took the plugs out to check the compression... checked it, 165 -170 okay fine, put the plugs back in and now no spark? Nothing looks broken on the distributor and ran perfectly before the compression test. Any help? If you haven't read my other...
1-3 of 3 Results