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  1. GC coil sleeves

    Suspension Corner
    hey all, something like this has probably been asked before, but i still don’t get it. i just recently upgraded from $30 ebay lowering springs, to yonaka front coilovers. they’re soo good. anyways, i picked up some Ground Control coil sleeves so i could go lower, without doing the whole 50s...
  2. Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 Coil On Plug?

    Engine Management
    hi i've searched but have not been able to find to much info on using a Haltech PS1000 in my 92 eg y8 turbo build. has anybody used Haltech i know its not as popular in the honda community as it is with Toyota & Nissan. I have the complete universal harness with fuse box wiring the car is not an...
  3. CKP Sensor/Bad MSD?

    Engine Management
    I have a D16Y7, My car recently broke down. Before it broke down the engine would start to cut out, and lose power. It became more and more frequent until it finally broke down. I used to be able to drive it for a 1/4 mile or so before it would act up and break down again but now it is broke...
  4. D16Y8 Dizzy

    Want to Buy
    Hey Guys, I would like to urgently purchase a OBD2B D16Y8 Dizzy or just the internals (Coil part no stamped is TC-08a). I guess the code is TD63-U, let me know if any one can hook me up, If you can ship it directly to India, great, else shipping to CA Fremont, my friend will ship it from there...
  5. Del Sol suspension

    Suspension Corner
    Just bought a 93 Del Sol SI a couple weeks ago. Needs new coil springs and struts. Wondering what would be a good setup. Not looking for high performance as its my daily driver, not racing. Wouldn't mind the option to lower, but not necessary. I'll be driving an average of 120 miles a day in...
  6. Ignition question

    Forced Induction
    So I've been searching for a while now and have read mixed results and want some new present day input. Is the msd ss blaster external ignition coil and modified cap and rotor worth getting? I posted about a month ago with problems with my car not running right and it turned out to be a bad...
  7. Top adjustable system, Ground Control / KYB agx vs. Koni yellows

    General Tech
    I'm planning to use this summer to replace my stock suspension with some performance springs/shocks that are adjustable. The car is a 96 civic ex coupe and it is my daily driver. Im looking more for performance than looks and i like the idea of adjusting the height for winter. I've heard good...
  8. Engine problems, please help

    Naturally Aspirated
    To start my issue is when driving only. I can sit in the pits and rev in all day long, I can drive in the pits (pretty much idlein around). Now when I get out on the track it misses. I only use 3rd gear. When it happens its like it goes flat. I can barely hear it running at all. There is a...