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  1. General Tech
    PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE POST TO HAVE A FULL IDEA OF WHAT IS GOING ON HERE heres my setup first of all that i just purchased a week or so ago its a 95 hatchback with a d16y5 swapped into it using a obd1 to obd2a harness for the p2n ecu issues im trippping the following codes 22 vtec oil...
  2. Engine Building
    i got a d15b1 with some eclipse injectors since i put them in is throwing me code 9 the cyp..the distributor i bought it like 6 monthz or a year ago..some people say is the coil of the distributor that is not throwing enought sparks..ok so here is what happends when i take off or in reverse it...
1-2 of 2 Results