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  1. Audio/Electronics
    Hello everyone. I have a 95 civic coupe and the speedo went south on me. I opened up the dash and a resistor fell out of the cluster. I had seen on YouTube someone retrofit a 03 cluster into a 97 civic I believe.. I cannot find an accurate list for the pin outs of the new cluster.. If anyone has...
  2. General Tech
    ef9 jdm cluster - Google Search So I just got this cluster. Came off of a 91 Rhd.. I figured it would fit my 89 Lhd plug and play.. I was wrong. Lol. First things that I noticed. My car has a speedo cable, the cluster has no hole. the cluster is about 4-5 clip, my Oem cluster harness only has 2...
  3. Want to Buy
    I'm looking for a cluster with a tach to replace my stock dx cluster. I believe its the crx 89-91 jdm cluster that I'm interested in. It's has the 8k-9k redline and the car diagram on the right side. Anybody have one "laying around".??
  4. Want to Buy
    Must be Ex/Si with 7200 redline. If you have one wih 123xxx miles that would be incredible!!! Or if you have one and know how to properly role the mileage, that would work as well.
  5. Audio/Electronics
    hey i wanted to know i have a 92 civic with a ex cluster and i wanted to know since i dont have cruise control i dont need the cruise control light on the cluster and i wanted to know is there a way i could use the light as a shift light or install my own shift light in that part of the cluster...
  6. Audio/Electronics
    My speedometer is actin up, when i cut the car on to acc, the needle jumps straight to 30mph. i unplugged the cluster and the speed sensor to try to reset but it still does it. in other suggestions?
  7. Audio/Electronics
    When i purchased my honda the dash cluster lights and climate control lights worked fine, but i had to straight wire my cd player cause someone cut the plug and and while doing that the lights just kinda shorted out. i checked both fuses under the dash and under the hood and neither fuses are...
  8. Audio/Electronics
    well i had aftermarket reverse glow gauges that came with my car, and ever since i bought it they would flicker. they kept randomly going out and then back on, as if a ground was bad, and it did this for about two months to me, and im not sure how long to the previous owner, but he warned me...
  9. DIY Forum
    My situation: I own an EG 95 civic hatch. I have been rummaging through the junkyards lately and found a plethora of civic auto clusters. They sell em' for fifty bucks, I always wanted a tach, so I went ahead and bought one. I can always paint over the auto-shift display later, the cluster...
1-9 of 9 Results