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  1. Affiliates
    We wanted to extend this service out to d-series members , we're now offering injector services for $80 ( up to 6 injectors ) The service includes Flow testing Leakage test Spray pattern test ( certain rpm can be asked to be tested at ) Cleaning All test are performed in house and...
  2. Transmission alley
    Hey guys just have a quick noob question, my transmission went a month ago so i went searching for a "new" one and got one out of a del slow and it is a standard ex/si 92-95 tranny. I was just wondering of any was to clean the inside of the housing of all the rust and if there are any ways of...
  3. General Tech
    ok i recently picked up a car pulled the motor nd trans out ok but now my bay is dirt from whatever mess the pplz before me had done and down the road its gonna get tucked and prolly a mil spec harness and today i used engine degreaser and it got some of it off but not all of it and scrub my my...
1-3 of 3 Results