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    Hybrid non vtec build. D15b2 block, complete d16a6 top end, adjustable cam gear, full stainless exhaust 2.25in, complete rebuild, dpfi to mpfi conversion, complete wire tuck, all new accessories belts and bearings. Economy but with a bit of attitude.
  2. My 1997 Civic Ex rebuild and turbo

    This is the deal I have replaced my motor once... yes i do my own [email protected]#^. So this time I want to build a turbo setup, and since i already pulled the motor I'm doing a host of other upgrades to make my car perform and look better. Performance is my number one concern to be honest. I am looking to...
  3. clean rebuild

    Hey guys, It's been a long time since I've been on here and over the last couple weeks I've been doing a rebuild on one of my coupes. I decided to focus on trying to get this rebuild to be the cleanest one I've ever done. And I just dropped the motor in today and figured I would share a...
  4. 89 Civic Hatchback Fog Lights

    General Tech
    i have an 89 Civic Hatchback i'm a clean, stock, simple and done right type of person i don't want something "cheezed" but i would like to have the ablility to use fog lights. tho i also want to keep the stock look of the 88-91 series hatchbacks any ideas. i want to stay as far away from...
  5. CLEAN Engine bays

    This thread is dedicated to the cleanest / best looking engine bays. It will be dedicated simply for viewing pleasure. Don't comment on any of the posts and don't just post your engine bay (unless you feel it truely deserves to be on here). If you would like to post a picture of an engine bay...
  6. My 4dr 7th gen

    This is my first car and i love it. I'm a college student with very little money so i do the best that i can. my goal is to have a clean civic that doesn't look like the average civic you see on your street. This is what my car looked like after i bought it The first thing i did to it was put...
  7. Valve Cover Painting...

    New Member Introductions
    So as a Noob.... I have a Noob question... I want to clean up my engine and paint the Valve cover... Any pointers? Maybe pics for inspiration? Thanks ahead of time...