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  1. Is it easy to put an Si (D16A?) engine into a non-Si?

    General Tech
    My brother has a manual '89 Civic Si with the 1.6 L engine. I think that's a D16A engine from my research. The problem is his car has a few really nasty problems including rust. He's found an '91 Civic with an automatic tranny for a good price, the car is great except the engine isn't working...
  2. 94 Si no ac Texas heat killing me! Help! :rofc::rofc:

    General Tech
    hello there guys made this post bc this heat is no joke i think i almost had a stroke the other day lmao no laughing matter so i went out and bought me a ac kit i got a kit for 99 si but im not sure what fits and not i know the condensor doesnt not fit for a 94 si i do have a b16a with a p30 ac...
  3. 1990 Civic Si - obd0/obd1/obd2 D16Y8-p28, Got some questions!!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, new to the forum :pedo: and I had a couple of questions.. Just recently picked up a 90' civic Si for $400 and as is, it came with: - D16Y8 mated with stock Si trans (L3)(90k on motor and 124k on car and trans) - p28 with cut wires and plugs from EG harness (no stock ECU in car) -...
  4. ZC won't fire any ideas?

    So i recently replaced the head gasket in my zc and now it will not start the plugs are sparking and it getting fuel it rolls over fine just sounds like its not firing need some help!
  5. Help with turbo d15b

    Forced Induction
    Hey guys, i looked and looked and couldnt find a good article on turboing on a stock engine(d15). Could one give me an idea of how much it would cost, what parts would be good and where to get them. I want to run 6-8psi since it's the stock block. Or if you could point me in the direction of a...
  6. New 95 si eg owner! lend me your thoughts!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey whats up guys (and girls) I just got my 95 si eg and it needs a little tlc but what im really looking for is imput on whether or not to go all motor or turbo. either way my piggy bank is a trickle fund so prob not more than two to four hundred in parts a month at max till its finished. lets...