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  1. New Member Introductions
    I'm Tevo, I recently purchased a 94 civic ex coupe for $350. needs a motor, windshield, dash, door panels, hood, and light bulbs. i just purchased a d16y8 with 5 speed trans for $325. Im currently in the process of dropping the motor in and having a p72 gsr ecu chipped with y8 values...
  2. Engine Management
    Hey all, i just bought a 93 hatch with a d15b7 this is what i got Specs: D15b7 p29 high compression pistons shaved/ hot tanked rebuilt head new seals/gaskets new head gasket the guy was going all motor high comp, and he said it needs a fine tune, but it runs really good. i was wondering if i...
  3. General Tech
    Will a valve cover from a Del Sol fit a d16y8? I have the chance to buy a chrome vlave cover for $100 bucks. The kid said he got it from OBX for $195. Is this a good deal or is it cheaper to have my valve cover dropped off for chrome? Here is the link to the picture...
1-3 of 3 Results