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  1. Showcase
    We already have a thread for welders, but there are a bunch of guys on here chipping ECUs, making harnesses, and/or working on other electrical projects. So, I figured it would be cool to have a thread to show of your soldering/wiring skills, and talk about your tools of the trade. I'm far...
  2. Engine Management
    Having some issues with auto to manual ecu conversion I got 4 ecus sitting here 2 p75 and 2 p06 from what I read online. Ecu codes ending with c01 are manul and ones with c51 are auto. But one p75 c01 has both resistors at rp17 and rp18 wich doesn't that mean it auto? And my othere p75c51is...
  3. Engine Management
    Hello!! I want to chip two ecus with Real Time Programming See this --> PGMFI.ORG - Grassroots ECU Development - Library . EasyRtpV10 I have 2 ecu's: PM7 88-89 non catalic (out to mod) PM7 90-91 catalyc (in car). My car is catalyc, if i use the PM7 88-89 will work well with O2 sensor...
1-3 of 3 Results