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  1. I need a chip for a d16y7/z6 crower cams and bolt ons!!

    Engine Management
    Hey, I'm looking to find someone who can make or has a custom chip for: D16y7/z6 p28 socketed Crower cam stage 2 2.5" Exhaust Intake Stock injectors The rest is pretty much stock... Thanx ..
  2. Chipping or ecu swap

    Engine Management
    i have a p28 currently in my ecu and my brother has the identical car that he bought with a p28 ecu that has been chipped/hacked open. His ecu has higher rev limiting and basically no need for the second oxygen sensor. some people say i couldn't be done but his was bought that way. My question...
  3. Need help with my D16Y8 Ecu tune

    Engine Management
    im pretty new to this ecu tuning stuff so bare with me. i have a '99 civic ex with a D16Y8, stickshift. it has CAI, Header, and Exhaust. i have a P06 converted into a P28. i have made this tune but im not sure if it will damage my engine in anyway. i need you tuners advise on my tune. i have a...
  4. Garbage p2e ecu question

    Engine Management
    ok i have a completely new(remachined and all new gaskets and pistons everything new) jdm d15b vtec but its hard as hell to find the po8 ecu in my town but its in a ek coupe so i would need a p28 ecu wich is hella expensive so can you chip the p2e ecu to be p2p or p28 if so i would like to know...
  5. Why You Dont Rely On Basemaps, Even "Pro" Ones

    Naturally Aspirated
    I didnt know where to put this...... So I put it here. I thought my car is NA after all, so, why not... Now the back story (Please dont skip it as it has some good stuff and I spent forever typing it up.) So I bought a chip kit a while back which came with a custom EEPROM with a basemap from...
  6. JDM D15b p91 ecu?

    Engine Management
    I did my swap back in late May from a d15b7 to a jdm d15b vtec. I ran the wires for vtec and installed the supplied ecu, a p91. I was assured that it was just the same as p08, BUT now that I have a hankering to explore more options with this motor I am finding it difficult because no one chips a...