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  1. 7th Gen
    I just did a head swap from an A1 to an A2 from an 02 EX. Everything sounds fine but the check engine light came on immediately at start. I dont yet have the EGR or VTEC solenoid wired up. I still have the A1 ECU in and wont get the A2 ECU in until tommorow. Could the cam sensor be throwing...
  2. General Tech
    So i think my O2 sensor is not working right... but i wasnt sure cuz there is no CEL light. So i checked the voltage and it doesnt seem right. And just for the sake of it, i took the MAP and the VTEC solenoid plugs, and the CEL wont come on, even with the O2 completly unpluged, so smth is not...
  3. General Tech
    so i did d16z6 swap into my 91 cx hatch back but its throwing code 9 crank position sensor. Ive tryed 3 distributors still no luck i check my wiring under the dash and that looks good i also check my dizzy wiring and it seems to be good to. what els code make this code come up? any help apprecitated
  4. General Tech
    i just jumped the 2 pin connector and my light flashed 2 times for about a second each and then 9 short ones. code 29? thanks for your help!
  5. Engine Management
    i have a 92 honda civic with a jdm d15b running on a P08, the code it gave me was dash dash dot, can someone tell me what the codes means?? thank you for your time
1-5 of 5 Results