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  1. A1 to A2 swap - check engine light

    7th Gen
    I just did a head swap from an A1 to an A2 from an 02 EX. Everything sounds fine but the check engine light came on immediately at start. I dont yet have the EGR or VTEC solenoid wired up. I still have the A1 ECU in and wont get the A2 ECU in until tommorow. Could the cam sensor be throwing...
  2. CEL light doesnt work

    General Tech
    So i think my O2 sensor is not working right... but i wasnt sure cuz there is no CEL light. So i checked the voltage and it doesnt seem right. And just for the sake of it, i took the MAP and the VTEC solenoid plugs, and the CEL wont come on, even with the O2 completly unpluged, so smth is not...
  3. cel 9 light

    General Tech
    so i did d16z6 swap into my 91 cx hatch back but its throwing code 9 crank position sensor. Ive tryed 3 distributors still no luck i check my wiring under the dash and that looks good i also check my dizzy wiring and it seems to be good to. what els code make this code come up? any help apprecitated
  4. jdm d15b vtec check engine light code 29?

    General Tech
    i just jumped the 2 pin connector and my light flashed 2 times for about a second each and then 9 short ones. code 29? thanks for your help!
  5. cel code help

    Engine Management
    i have a 92 honda civic with a jdm d15b running on a P08, the code it gave me was dash dash dot, can someone tell me what the codes means?? thank you for your time