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  1. Misc. EF/ED parts for sale

    For Sale
    I have all kinds of stuff laying around taking up space. So I decided it has to go and berfore it hits Ebay I figured I would give it a chance on here. All prices include shipping. I also will combine items and offer discounts on mutiple items purchased. I just need to get some of this stuff...
  2. What's Up Everyone, New Here, Looking For A Y7 Header

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hows it going everyone? Just joined the forum. Been around cars a while, I've had my Civic for just over 4.5 years now. '98 DX Hatch. I bought it with 140k, sits at just over 263k now. I've been racing autocross with it the past few years. So far I've kept mods to the interior, brakes and...
  3. Action Clutch on a budget?

    Whoopee Doo Racing
    After speaking with Alex of Action Clutch today I'm ready to throw this out there. Many people are using ebay clutches due to pricing. These clutches use pressure plates that are made in China (not always a bad thing, but not good in this case). Some are also using Exedy organic clutches that...
  4. Greddy sohc turbo stuff cheap

    For Sale
    whats up all, here is a list of random stuff i have to get rid of. i dont want to get into crazy detail... im tryin to keep it short and simple. ill take best offers but ill put up prices im looking for so no low ballers please. prices shipped. thanks everyone! 52MM AMBER/WHITE A/F GAUGE $30...