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  1. Loud hissing, slow acceleration, CEL with no codes

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hey guys! I'm new here so if I do anything wrong (like post in the wrong section) just let me know and I'll fix it. Anyway, I have somewhat of a Frankenstein build. Its a D16Z6 with D16A1 pistons, tuned on e85 with other supporting mods. It's actually someone else's build that I bought and have...
  2. Need help - ECU codes 8 & 15

    General Tech
    Hi all, my dad has a Del sol which is currently giving him trouble. The engine is a D15b Vtec (JDM). It stalls randomly while driving or while on idle, then doesn't start. After a few tries it starts and CEL goes on. With the CEL on then it drives perfectly. What i have tried : Took it to a...
  3. Sputtering.

    General Tech
    I have a sputtering problem when accelerating and there's no power whatsoever. The car will drive fine when cold but as soon as there's some heat in the engine is when it acts up. I just replaced the timing belt tensioner, plugs are new, wires are new, ICM doesn't even have 1000 miles on it...
  4. Del Sol CEL question

    General Tech
    I have a 1993 Del Sol with a d15b swap, and its been running fine for about a year now. I had to do a clutch yesterday, and now I have a check engine light on. Before anyone says jumper it and look for the code, I have, but the thing is, that when I turn the key to the on position with the...
  5. d15 vtec wiring & CEL helpppp

    Engine Management
    I just recently bought a 5 speed 1998 honda civic, and i came apon a problem...the check engine light is on and she is drinking gas likee a dumptruck! So taking a closer look i realised the engine dosent match the ECU (non vtec ecu) (vtec head) So my vtec solenoid and oil pressure sensor is...
  6. CEL Code 15 d15b obd1 HELPPP!!!

    Engine Management
    I just recently swapped in a jdm d15b and when i went to start it, it starts up but it only runs if the fuel pressure regulator vacum hose is off other wise it bogs down and runs but at very low rpms like its about to stall out. Im throwing a code 15 for ignition output signal and cannot figure...
  7. CEL light doesnt work

    General Tech
    So i think my O2 sensor is not working right... but i wasnt sure cuz there is no CEL light. So i checked the voltage and it doesnt seem right. And just for the sake of it, i took the MAP and the VTEC solenoid plugs, and the CEL wont come on, even with the O2 completly unpluged, so smth is not...
  8. Can't get my idle right

    Engine Management
    I have a 1992 EG8 with a D16Z6 swap, I'm running a Y8 I.M. and a Y8 T.B.. One of the problems I am having is the fact that my car is an automatic and my throttle body and intake are both from a manual. I have some things plugged in and some things aren't. I don't know what I am dealing with as...
  9. cel code help

    Engine Management
    i have a 92 honda civic with a jdm d15b running on a P08, the code it gave me was dash dash dot, can someone tell me what the codes means?? thank you for your time
  10. Check engine light on, code 6 help me out

    Engine Management
    Hey guys aight so I have a jdm d15b running on a p08 so my cel is on and I did the old paper clip method and it gave me a code six. So with that said I did some research and I believe is the ect... Ok with that said I changed the ect and the light is still on with same code then I changed my cts...
  11. CEL on pleassseee!!

    General Tech
    hey guys so I have had a check engine light on for about 2 months now. I brought up the codes on a scanner and it said that it was the tps and the map sensor. My car was smoking pretty bad out of the exhaust too. So I replaced both of the sensors and now it runs alot smoother and no longer...