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  1. DIY Ghetto Fab Catch Can

    DIY Forum
    I figured i'de make a DIY while i built my catch can. Pretty ghetto but should work good enough for what im doing. So i started off with some old A/C stuff i snagged from work. Cut it open and removed the guts and cleaned it up. For the drain a picked up a 1/4'' brass valve fitting from...
  2. Valve cover venting, is the oem vent enough? *PIC*

    Forced Induction
    I cant find any solid info on valve cover venting for a sohc. Im at the point where I need to paint my VC but would like to be sure I have the vent in order so I dont mess up the paint with any mods if need be. Basically the stock VC vents is .250" ID, off the back left corner. And I can...
  3. slash cut catch can with boost

    Forced Induction
    Just wondering what u guys think about my catch can setup. I'm running 3 -10an ports of a modified cusco can one come from my vc one from the blck box and one running to a slash cut in my exhaust. What u think will it work properly? Couple questions how far down my exhaust from my turbo should I...
  4. DIY Sigg Catchcan

    DIY Forum
    To start off find your yourself a Sigg aluminum bottle, easiest place I went to was REI in the Northwest. Then head out to home depot to get some parts. What you'll need to pick up is: 4 hose clamps- 1" 1- 3/4 x1/2 plug with opening- choose plastic for price, but they do sell t...
  5. Foos Catchcan DIY

    DIY Forum
    Yeah. Everyone is making catchcans out of PVC pipe, Monster cans and everything else lately, so I though I would jump on the band wagon. I made two of these (one for me, one for ??) because it was fun, I had the idea, and wanted to see how it turned out. I like them! On to the DIY. Tools...
  6. Innovative Cheap Catch Can

    DIY Forum
    Taken from a member on vwvortex. Nicely executed, figured i'd share with my D-series family.
  7. How To: Make your own Catch Can on a budget. (33 pics, 56k Beware!)

    DIY Forum
    Heres a simple way to rig up a Catch Can for oil blow-by gases, so that your not putting oily/spent gases into your intake, robbing power. Hey, every little bit of power counts, right? Disclaimer: This is probably not smog legal(I live in FL so I don't care), so do this at your own risk...