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    Kits include piping,flanges,hangers, and exhaust clamps. They can be welded solid, or installed with exhaust clamps. Each kit is a slip fit ( does not bottle neck ) if you order a 3 inch catback, the one piece is flared to about 3.125 inches to slip over 3 inch pipe. A muffler or resonator can...
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    sup d series peeps, i recently searched high and low for a thread about ebay piping but only found ebay muffler threads so i thought id start my own. i ordered a catback muffler kit from ebay cheap as hell all, stainless steel 2.5" piping and mandrel bent with a resonator and some ricy ass 5...
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    got this 1994 Honda Del Sol S with the D16Y8... my question is when i get a new exhaust should i just get a catback and leave stock cat or should i just go ahead and get a full exhaust from headers back and get a new cat?.... will a new cat make any difference?
1-3 of 3 Results