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  1. Engine Management
    Got a 97 Honda Civic EX, owners before me blew the block so its got a mini me swap now (Y7 Block Y8 Head), I'm wondering where the catalytic converter is located with this setup? Also looking to buy this DC Sports Exhaust system: SCS7020 DC Sports Exhaust Systems - Single Canister (Stainless...
  2. General Tech
    If there is another thread dealing with this, please point me to it...I couldn't find one myself. I have a 96 civic hatch for which I bought an ebay header-back exhaust (my old exhaust rusted out and I needed one fast). My current set up is 4-2-1 header - downpipe has a 2" OD. It came with a...
  3. General Tech
    Last friday i sent myt 94 civic dx in to get the oil pan and gasket replaced because it was missing some bolts and was leaking bad. i got it back the same day, drove to work saturday and was driving after work on the highway goin somewhere a hr and a half away.. it was pretty damn windy and i...
1-3 of 3 Results