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  1. D15B8 crankshaft

    Engine Building
    I have done research but want a few things cleared up please, a d15b8 crankshaft has 45mm rod journals and all D-series have the same piston wrist pin size right? and isn't it forged just like the rest of the d series cranks?
  2. FS/FT: Cast T3/T4 Manifold. Long Runner Type

    For Sale
    Up for grabs. Going with a custom manifold so dont need this. Piece is solid. Good construction and is brand new never even mounted. Also have a WG for sale. will sell this and 38 mm tial wastegate with 8.7 psi spring for 200 shipped! $60 shipped $50 picked up Located in orange county...
  3. What turbo manifold??? opinions please..

    Forced Induction
    Hey ive got plans for a 400hp+ weekend car,any suggestion on manifolds?? Ive heard loads about stainless manis cracking which pointed me towards a cast jobbie but then on the other hand im after maximum power gains,is ther alot of hp to be had in say a full ram or top mount (even an small ram...