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  1. Post Your Former Rides

    Looking forward to seeing others. Mine are.. 1. 1995 eclipse gst auto. Was my first car. Quick but the tranny couldn't take that 4g63t. The tranny eventually gave out and i had to sell the car. 2. 1994 plymouth sundance auto. The old family car. Man it was ugly but i miss my system i had in it...
  2. Stupid, STUPID problem caused by previous owner (and solve)

    Engine Management
    So after installing some drop engineering motor mounts my car started stuttering and randomly dieing without any reason. There was absolutely no rhyme or reason as to why it was doing it. I checked all the forums and all the "my car randomly dies" threads, but couldn't find the solution to my...
  3. GEORGIA/ATL area car show

    hey guys me and a group of friends make up a local car crew "topside" and the Stars and Strikes bowling alley is sponsoring us to throw their first annual car show. any cars, bikes, big trucks welcome, and there will be a system sound off with db readings as well as exhaust notes. 1st through...
  4. FS: 1997 honda civic ex w/114,000 miles

    For Sale
    Hey guys it's been awhile! Recently switched to the veedub scene. I am looking at selling my 1997 honda civic ex with 114,000 miles. Timing belt and water pump, brakes, and front wheel bearings were done at 96,500. Has a VIS carbon fiber hood with hood pins. Custom pearlescent red paint job...