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  1. What cam is this?

    Engine Building
    I have a JGE Engine Dynamics 85VT35 cam along with a AEM y8 cam gear in my motor now. I have a y8 block, JGE Pro Series z6 head, JGE custom turbo/ported z6 intake manifold for JGE Pro Head. Is this cam a y8 cam or z6 cam? Because on there parts list page(listed below), I am confused about what...
  2. Delta Cam group buy.

    For Sale
    Through a little inspiration from another cam group buy we had on a d-series, as well as my own satisfaction with Delta cams, I decided to talk to Jon over at Delta and see if he would be interested in having a group buy for us as well. There is a lot of love for Delta and I thought it would be...
  3. re: No keyway doing b7/a6 cam swap / assembly lube?

    Engine Building
    re: No keyway doing b7/a6 cam swap / assembly lube? Hi guys, In the midst of swapping over the a6 cam into my b7 and noticed a lil something. I'm using an aem adjustable cam gear and now have the issue where I have no keyway! The old b7 cam gear has the keyway built into the gear and the aem...
  4. Timing Trouble!

    Engine Building
    So, I've got a d16z6 with vitara pistons and this cam: 105300 - QUIKTYME? Along with a turbo kit and a total of about $6k worth of other performance parts. I bought this motor and the rest of the car off a guy for $560... needless to say I had no f'king idea what I was getting myself into as...
  5. D15

    Engine Building
    Alright so i am building my D15B and was hoping for any ideas and suggestions for what fuel rails, injectors, cam, cam gear, and intake manifold i should get. All suggestions and knowledge would be greatly appreciated!
  6. d15a1 cam upgrade?

    Engine Building
    I have the d15a1 (or EW-1) carbed engine in my 84 fwd wagon dx. I want to rebuild this motor very soon with comp internals,pistions,rods etcetera. but as far as the valvetrain goes I don't know what my options are. Has anyone heard of someone doing a mini me on one of these? perhaps implementing...
  7. Pistons Question

    New Member Introductions
    What are the best pistons for a stock d16y8. Or should I have it bored? How much does a machine shop charge to bore my cylinders. Right now my engine is stock, I plan on changing over all the guts as time comes.
  8. Question about cams....

    General Tech
    Hi , first post on this forum so be gentle i have a d15z6 ( yes it's a d15z6, i'm in the UK) I was reading somewhere that someone put a y8 cam into my head and that tuning it to get it working ended up in excellent results. Now to my question... I'm looking into getting a d15b 3 stage vtec...
  9. Cam seal bad?

    General Tech
    hey guys. i have an oil leaking problem. when i bought my car it had a pretty bad oil leak. i replaced the vtec solenoid gaskets, the valve cover gasket, and the distributor o-ring and it still seems to be leaking a little oil. the only other thing i can think of is the cam seal. the oil seems...