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  1. Vtec-E to Vtec conversion w/o head swap

    Engine Management
    hey. i read somewhere that in a DOHC vtec-e engine, you can rotate the exhaust cam to convert to regular vtec. is there any simple way, (cam swap or mod) to get a SOHC D17A2 to get regular vtec? (yes it is vtec-e)
  2. Having timing issues! 30 degrees too advanced.

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hey everybody. I did a search and couldn't find anything that could really help. I've got a 91 hatch with a D15B7 running on dual point injection. Stock everything. I failed my smog (stupid strict california emissions) because the car's ignition timing is reading 30 degrees BTDC. I was like...
  3. Another AEM Cam Gear Fail

    Product Reviews
    Caught it just in time!!! Z6 Block with Y8 head, the Stock Y8 Cam gear can be used right?
  4. Mystery cam (E621)

    Naturally Aspirated
    I was at the junk yard yesterday and I found a d16z6 with non original looking cam so I grabbed it. Dizzy side code says E621. Looked up for about an hour yesterday and could not find a thing for this cam. Not sure if its aftermarket or an oem off another motor nothing
  5. D16 Cam Specs

    General Tech
    Hmmm... I wonder if this would be helpful all put in one, since we all tend to go all over the place to find sheets for each cam so here's a sticky. I was doing some studies about most used D-series cams on street/tracks last night and here's all the info in one... I am not saying these are all...
  6. yes another 272-2 thread...

    Engine Building
    i had the cam in the engine for a while, about 200 miles. had some non-related engine issues and decided to put the stock cam back in to break-in new rings. well i got to looking at the delta cam and noticed something odd. each vtec lobe is like that, a hard transition on the closing side...
  7. Spun camshaft cleaning

    General Tech
    Hello D-series, here I come with another weird issue. So I managed to put my hands on the only D16A9 cam in the country (I'm in Brazil). Everything looks fine, except one of the journals, that seems to have spun(overtorqueing maybe?). Weird thing is that the cam looks undamaged, the metal...
  8. A6 with Y7 head questions

    Engine Building
    I have a 89' CRX SiR with an A6 and bent valves. Ive also got a y7 head setting in my garage. im curious weither i should use it and get a little more compression or get another a6 head. Is there any real performance gains with the y7 head? Which cam and cam gear do i use? Also will the a6 fuel...
  9. D16y7 cam? non vtec

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    Can come one post a link to a stage 2 or 3 cam that fits a y7(civic non VTEC)? Any price and brand, I'd prefer web or Crower, much appreciated!
  10. AEM TruTime 5 Bolt adjustable cam gear... BROKEN.

    Product Reviews
    Hello everyone, I'm a n00b to the forum. I was never really into this kind of stuff until I realized how much information there is to offer from a site like this. So, I'm glad to finally be a part of it all. lol Anyway, I'll cut to the chase. I just recently had a VERY similar predicament as...
  11. Comp Cam 59500 + Turbo?

    Forced Induction
    Hey guys been researching for a while and can't seem to find a lot of people running this cam with turbo. Now here's my point of of view, I know it is a high lift cam which makes it high comp, but so as Bisi 2.4 nor 3.6 cams. I only knew two guys i saw on youtube that ran it with boost, but...
  12. need interchange help

    Engine Building
    will a d15z1 roller cam and rockers fit and work in a d16y8? my origional motor blew a rod...the previous owner drove it like that for 20 miles...i picked up another y8 and rebuilt it but it didnt have valvetrain. he gave me a loaded p071 head....will that work in a pj27? dont care about power...
  13. A6 Cam in D15B7 - Which belt?

    Engine Building
    Okay. Before everyone resorts to cannibalism and lectures me for not reading around, searching, etc. I did all of those things. The one thing all those threads out there don't state is what belt is supposed to be used for an A6 cam in a B7 head with a Y7/Y8 cam gear. Either I missed...
  14. i bought a "built" z6 head that i have some questions about

    Naturally Aspirated
    i bought a "built" z6 head with a bullfrog intake mannifold and throttle body... when i showed up to buy it, it was on a zc block which i thought was a little weird. where the dizzy goes it the cam says b59 the guy didnt know what the cam was he just said "its a turbo cam" the intake valves say...
  15. Delta Camshaft Review

    Product Reviews
    So living in Washington, I personally walked into Delta Cam and hand delivered my cam and told them I wanted the 272-2 cam. Cam was in great condition clean in a towel in oil. Dropped it off Tuesday. Said it would be done "Thursday Friday-ish" Next Wednesday I Called and said "Hey Just...
  16. Best cam upgrade for a6/y8 mini me?

    Naturally Aspirated
    I have an a6/y8 mini me swap in my 89 hatch and want to get a bigger cam, but don't want one so big that will hit the pistons. If anyone has done this, has any input or suggestions I would appreciate it. Thanks! Setup: Mild port Lightly shaved y8 head Ported y8 im to match 62mm tb Aem cold air...
  17. D16Z6 with Y7 cam?? Y7 cam specs??

    Engine Building
    I wondering if anyone know the specs on a y7 stock cam?? I'm wondering if its possibe to put a y7 cam in z6 head? Thanx
  18. cam/ecu question

    Engine Building
    well im a newb and ive been searching for a while but i figured ill just go ahead and ask i was planning on getting the stage 2 crower cam for my d17a2 and i plan to have the car turbo'd by this mid summer. will i suffer a power loss running the turbo cam and will i need to buy a stand alone ems...
  19. Stage 2 cam an valve spring help

    Engine Building
    Aight so im bout to get some stage 2 cams .. Buh was cams without valve springs.? So i got some question about to valve springs.. How do i take them off with out droping a valve.. Do i need an air comressor. Was the best tool for the valve spring. Ann do you think is even worth it to put...
  20. injector size help!

    Naturally Aspirated
    i have a d16z6 planning to put in high compression pistons, bigger vlaves, port and polish and a big cam. i need some opinions on fuel rails and injector sizes please! im planning to use injector dynamics. ive heard real good things about their 1000cc injectors but not educated on proper sizes...