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cam timing

  1. Timing Trouble!

    Engine Building
    So, I've got a d16z6 with vitara pistons and this cam: 105300 - QUIKTYME? Along with a turbo kit and a total of about $6k worth of other performance parts. I bought this motor and the rest of the car off a guy for $560... needless to say I had no f'king idea what I was getting myself into as...
  2. Seeking help w/ cam timing on a6/y8 mini me.

    Naturally Aspirated
    tl;dr What is the right base ignition timing for a d16a6/y8 setup, and how much percentage fuel to I need to add to the p28 base map to avoid bad things happening with the 11:1 compression? long version: I've working with a d16a6/y8 mini me combination with an adjustable cam gear and I'm...