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  1. Engine Building
    As the title says the y8 cam was toast when I got the head so please don’t say “get a y8 cam” I eventually will get a stage 2 but right now I’m stuck with a stock z6 cam. I know I need a adjustable cam gear that corresponds with the cam which is a z6 cam but I need to know what timing belt...
  2. General Tech
    Grab a paper bag breath into it and calm your ass down, this has been discussed before I KNOW but were gonna discuss it again. So dont tell me to "read more" If i stare at this screen any longer looking for the RIGHT way to do it ill explode... all these idiots editing fuel ratios, running...
  3. Engine Building
    i bought a use cam thats saposed to be for a d16 but its got 40 teeth what can it be from it fits on the cam but has to many teeth what can i do to use this?
  4. Engine Management
    My d16z6 locked up on me a couple days ago, and i was lookin at it yesterday, and the timing is off, but idk how it happened. it also cranks over now. It's at TDC but the button on the dizzy is pointing at #3, does anyone have any idea's?? it's all stock too btw, except mr2 15's:biggrin: any...
  5. Engine Building
    I have a JGE Engine Dynamics 85VT35 cam along with a AEM y8 cam gear in my motor now. I have a y8 block, JGE Pro Series z6 head, JGE custom turbo/ported z6 intake manifold for JGE Pro Head. Is this cam a y8 cam or z6 cam? Because on there parts list page(listed below), I am confused about what...
1-5 of 5 Results