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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hey there guys I'm brand new here and glad that I am! Little summary of the project I'm taking on. I bought a $300 dollar 88 Civic hatch DX and had the most fun of my life using it as an offroad go cart pretty much out at some land my family owns. After 2 months of jumping, hooning, and banging...
  2. General Tech
    so i own a boosted D16z6 and recently my clutch line blew so i had to replace the hole system in order to finally get pressure to my clutch. Anyway, ive noticed that ever since i put all my couplers and piping back on (i had to take them off in order to have access to the clutch lines) my car...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Looking for: D16Y8 shortblock D-series after market parts All D-series turbo parts 96-00 lowering springs Basically the works
  4. Showcase
    i am setting up my first car for a turbo. at the moment i have the stock d15b7 with a d16a6 cam i am going to put on a diy ported head that i did myself and arp headstuds. i am hoping for around 160-180hp on 6-8 psi i bough a used airesearch m27 turbo for 140 online. i looked it up and as far...
  5. Showcase
    So after an incredibly long time I've finally turbocharged my 1997 Civic. After dabbling in the nitrous world over the summer, I decided to turbocharge my car with almost 160k miles on it. I planned my list of parts I would need and started purchasing them in the order that I'd be able to use...
  6. Forced Induction
    im putting together a d16a6 with a z6 head i got egal rod and srp low compression pistons i think there 8;1 cr stock bore rebuilt stock head what. what do you think is a good psi to start at oh ya around here the highest we can get at the pump is 94oct let me no what you think
  7. Engine Management
    Hey guys, I know this has probably been covered but wanted opinions with my set-up i'm going with. I just bought a 98 civic DX with the d16y7 engine in it, and I am wanting to turn it into a budget turbo car for the drag strip. I currently own an 02 s2000 but am new to the D series motors so i'm...
1-7 of 7 Results