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  1. Need help building a z6!! I'm new at this.

    Forced Induction
    Hi guys, I'm a new member to D-series and I need help with suggestions or recommendations on parts I've already picked out for a future D16Z6 build. I have never built a car before and plan to build my first Honda very soon. Of course all of my parts are from eBay and I need people who build...
  2. 100Whp OEM D15B7 ?

    Engine Building
    Hi , i help a friend to refresh his d15B7 and we want to get 110-120 crank hp, but with 100% OEM honda parts or very close ! What i plant to do ; stock D15B7 longblock 0.020" head milling ( 0.5mm) D16Z6 Headgasket ~10:1 CR D16Z6 Intake Manifold D16Z6 OEM 4-2-1 manifold 2" Cat suppressor...
  3. Need some advice on a setup for my D

    Forced Induction
    Hi there guys, I'm finally starting my first turbo honda project and I wanted some advice on what parts and whatnot to buy for my project. I have an EC9 which I bought dirt cheap for 460 euro (that's about 550 dollars. I'm from Portugal) to have as my weekend fun car. It came with a mint...
  4. SLO SVO - Turbo 80s Ford Daily Driver aka What could go wrong?

    Needed something 4cyl and not 4000 pounds and with a manual transmission. The Aristo costs me about 20 bucks a day to drive to work. Got this from Graham Auctions today for about 2400 after tax and buyer's fee. Took it home tonight, washed it, and started screwing with it right away, lol...
  5. Pick and pull parts to "build" Turbo ZC?

    New Member Introductions
    I'm currently running a boosted all stock ZC non vtec and i'm wondering what parts i can get from pick n pull or any other junkyard in order to make 250-300 whp safely. i know the basic rule is dont go past 200 all stock so i'm trying to see what i can get for cheap (at the junk yard) to be able...
  6. Budget Turbo D16y7..What to tune with?

    Engine Management
    Hey guys, I know this has probably been covered but wanted opinions with my set-up i'm going with. I just bought a 98 civic DX with the d16y7 engine in it, and I am wanting to turn it into a budget turbo car for the drag strip. I currently own an 02 s2000 but am new to the D series motors so i'm...
  7. Action Clutch on a budget?

    Whoopee Doo Racing
    After speaking with Alex of Action Clutch today I'm ready to throw this out there. Many people are using ebay clutches due to pricing. These clutches use pressure plates that are made in China (not always a bad thing, but not good in this case). Some are also using Exedy organic clutches that...
  8. $3k turbo build?

    Forced Induction
    Hey i want a decent reliable turbo setup looking to spend around $3000 i'd like to do pistons rods and cam also would this be possible in that price range? I live in a very rural area noone around that knows anything about hondas that means no parts around either so i'm depending on you guys for...