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  1. Clunking Under Light Braking

    General Tech
    Hi everyone, I just bought a 1999 Civic LX to drive around for awhile. I’ve done a lot of work to it including replacing all four struts and the upper control arms in the front. However, I’ve run into a clunk that’s has me stumped. Under light braking when you are coming to a stop, I get a...
  2. (Not Engine Specific But Need Help) Brake Issues

    General Tech
    So in my 94 Civic DX with the D15B the brakes are acting up badly and I don’t know what to do anymore. The driver side front discs grab really hard but the passenger side doesn’t do anything, rear driver drum doesn’t work but passenger side does... pedal goes straight to the floor except for the...
  3. EK prop valve into EG

    General Tech
    I'm dead tired of that EG prop valve that leaks. I have replaced a few, and they always start leaking again after some time. I just got an Ek prop valve and I intend to adapt it into my car. I have seen this done before, but I am unsure of how to mount it to the firewall. So any pictures or...
  4. Brake line questions regarding disc swap

    New Member Introductions
    I have the 96 ex ek sedan that I plan to swap the rear discs onto later tomorrow. My question is this. I am planning to replace my front and rear brake lines completely with stainless steel lines. I know I dont have to worry about getting a different setup for the front brakes, but for the...
  5. 1987 Honda Civic Brakes Dragging

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, I have recently been having problems with my brakes dragging and locking up. I have recently cleaned and greased the pins because I thought that was the issue but after driving a bit the same thing happened with the brakes dragging and heating. The brake pedal usually has some play but...
  6. integra caliper difference

    General Tech
    Alright I was really dumb when I pulled these callipers off an Integra and was in a rush. All and all im pretty sure it was a 1990-1993. Now im trying to find any difference I can to tell the 90-93 apart from the 94-01 callipers. Ive searched and searched tried some more but cant find much...
  7. No Brakes

    General Tech
    looking for some knowledge i just swapped most of everything from a 93 dx to a 92 dx shell i had purchased. i got everything working except the brakes. i have bled them numerous times but still have no brakes. i have great brake pressure until i start the car and it all goes away. the idle...
  8. rear disk conversion question

    Suspension Corner
    Since I got the motor out of my car at the time I figured I might as well do my rear disk conversion now. Now I'm wondering is it worth the time and the money to swap to an integra rs master and booster over the stock ex master and booster. I noticed the master is only a 1/16th bigger than...