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  1. Suspension Corner
    Hi, This questions probably been asked a lot of times... but anyway! I have an EJ9 with a D16Y7 engine swap, and I want to put rear discs on the rear. Whats the best way to do the swap? What will I need? Cheers
  2. Suspension Corner
    95 del sol sir someone swapped it from the b16a3 dohc to a d15b7 sohc i have a standard and a s20 long gear tranny the front rotors look 10.3in i have tone hubs for the abs yes or whatever it is and they work ive tested the abs so this car came with all abs and 4 disk brakes i have...
  3. General Tech
    Since I bought my 98 ex d16y7, whenever I hit a patch of gravel or ice and press the brake I hear an audible "boing" and I lose all Anti-Lock. WTF is this? Im fairly sure my lines are good, maybe master cylinder? I have no idea anybody got any ideas?
  4. Suspension Corner
    Hey hello everyone im having some troubles with my brakes, im trying to bleed my brakes, and the brake liquid only comes off 2 wheels the one on the back right side and the one on the front left side... the other 2 wheels did not bleed anything any ideas off what is happening?? also this problem...
1-4 of 4 Results