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  1. lower alternator bracket fitment year range

    General Tech
    anyone know if the lower alternator brackets interchange from the 5th/6th gen? or are they model/year specific?? thanks
  2. Ef Sedan Rear Bumper Reinforcement Bar

    General Tech
    I have a 1989 Lx Sedan. My Rear Bumper Rebar has rotted out. I assume this is very common, especially after the 6 Hondas I looked at over the weekend were all rusted away as well. I am looking to replace this Reinforcement bar. I have searched for weeks for countless hours for this thing...
  3. need help figuring out where this part goes?

    General Tech
    i found this part in my closet, and to me it seems to be some type of radiator support bracket maybe ? i searched all over google pictures and stuff and still can't find a picture of where it goes on a crx exactly ? can anyone tell me where this part goes ? its #27 in the diagram
  4. D16Y7 with a JRSC/Alternator Problem.

    Forced Induction
    I have a D16y7 with a Jacksonracing supercharger. The person I bought it from had the wrong belt on it. I ordered the right belt and I put it on. I started my car and noticed that the alignment in my belt/pulleys is off. It is just slowly eating my new belt. My alternator is also not working. I...
  5. WTB front transmission mount

    Want to Buy
    I am looking for the front bracket and mount for a 96-98 5spd tranny. also possibly the brackets that connect the transmission to the engine
  6. Name that thingy! (missing bolt)

    Hey guys just had a quick question. Finished putting in new motor mounts for my zc but i noticed a bolt missing on the timing belt side of the block. It seems to be for some kind of bracket, but just wanted to check if i need to put a bolt in it or not. Here's some pics of where it should be...