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  1. New to turbo/building. D16y8 question.

    General Tech
    Hey guys so I’m completely new to this turbo and building stuff lol. Mind you I’ve been working on cars for over 15yrs but strictly all stock and fixing my customers cars. I run an auto repair shop and I finally want to build a motor/ “faster” car. I have a 2000 civic with a d16y8 in it already...
  2. Car will idle fine for a couple of min. on base map then will turn off

    New Member Introductions
    I have a 90 Ciivc with a turbo, D16Z6 swap. I put a basemap to be able to drive it up a trailer to take it dyno tune. But the car will run fine for a while, then it kind of accelerates and then seems like its going to turn off, but then it accelerates again, and so on. Sometimes it actually...
  3. d16z6 swap basic boosting options

    Forced Induction
    Hey all! I have a d16z6 swapped into my classic mini cooper and I was wondering what my options are for boosting. Currently, the only things on the engine are some unknown brand 4-2-1 headers, Skunk2 Manifold, Chipped p28 ECU, and the A/C and Power steering were removed. The car only weighs...
  4. Honda race crate engine builder

    Engine Building
    As the title say , i'm looking for builder that offer complete engine. For exemple I'd like to get a b20 vtec sleeved for boost good for 700/800hp
  5. d16z6 trans leak!

    Transmission alley
    whats up guys new to the forum here!, So i just got myself a 95 cx hatch boosted,injectors fuel pump, kind of a just slap together job but i plan on loving her and fixing her up, right now i am having trouble with my tranny, its leaking oil every where i park! i havent gotten the chance to...
  6. SLO SVO - Turbo 80s Ford Daily Driver aka What could go wrong?

    Needed something 4cyl and not 4000 pounds and with a manual transmission. The Aristo costs me about 20 bucks a day to drive to work. Got this from Graham Auctions today for about 2400 after tax and buyer's fee. Took it home tonight, washed it, and started screwing with it right away, lol...
  7. need help with d17a2 boosted

    Forced Induction
    I bought the ebay turbo kit from Godspeed and everything is hooked up right..but when I really try to get on it I start to lean could I fix this?...also I have an ARK DESIGN Advanced boost controller that Idk how to set the boost on it but my gauge says I'm running 8 pounds before I...
  8. oem piston/rod hp cap?

    Forced Induction
    Ok so I started to rebuild my z6 a few weeks back after throwing a rod in the one I had in my car originally. I was running a stock z6 with rebuilt head and tranny on 6psi daily, an one day on the highway I down-shifted into 4th and the middle part of the rod shot thru the back of the block and...