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  1. D15 turbo build

    General Tech
    I’ve never built a D series and I’m starting a turbo build for my 94’ dx. It has the 1.5 non vtec. I want to boost it w vitara no-notch h-beams and swap in a vtec head ( w the proper high fuel map ecu ofc) but im havin trouble finding a trustworthy turbo kit and don’t know which vtec head will...
  2. d15b7 vitara mini me vs d16a6 vitara minime

    General Tech
    i’ve heard that the jdm d15b is better for boost because of better r/s ratio. i’ve done some research on r/s ratios but i don’t quite understand it. would there be any advantages to building a d15b7 minime with vitaras for boost over a d16a6 vitara mini me, because of the rod ratio, and would...
  3. Backfiring in boost and weird things

    Forced Induction
    I've got a stockblock y8 on about 7psi. Had it tuned on stock injectors and ran great for a while. One day I was driving and idle/part throttle pegged rich, like 10:1. Fried the wideband it was so rich. With a new wideband I decided to tune out the low load richness and got it ballparked, and...
  4. z6 build 250-300whp goal on dd

    Forced Induction
    Hey guys, I've been doing some digging and I'd like to pick the brains of people more knowledgeable than myself about real world numbers. My build will be running the following: Complete D16Z6 CP 9:1 compression forged pistons 75.5mm Eagle rods ARP head studs ACL bearings (I think it was?)...
  5. Ghetto Turbo Build

    New Member Introductions
    Hey there guys I'm brand new here and glad that I am! Little summary of the project I'm taking on. I bought a $300 dollar 88 Civic hatch DX and had the most fun of my life using it as an offroad go cart pretty much out at some land my family owns. After 2 months of jumping, hooning, and banging...
  6. Checklist to do before dyno tune

    New Member Introductions
    I am about to take my car to the dyno (about 90 miles away), and I want to make sure I have everything correct for it to be tuned. What should I check before taking it? Right now it only has a basemap, negative boost, and running a little rich. Should I check for boost leaks or vacuum leaks...
  7. Wired in DSM 450CC injectors and they will not spray out fuel

    Engine Building
    I just wired in my dsm 450cc injectors into my Y8 and they will not spray when the fuel pump primes. I am running a resistor box and dsm injector clips. I know that when you turn the key on the injectors should spray a tiny bit of fuel but they dont. If anyone has done this on a y8 and could...
  8. Our history and how to follow us live ! Affiliates
    I feel like we've been on and off this website here and a lot of new members don't know who we are, so I was thinking a brief history would be nice for some. Scroll down to the green text to skip our history and see how to follow us. My name is Robert Reese and I started this company about 15...
  9. RCautoworks clutch master kit Affiliates
    Can be purchased directly from our website now RCautoworks clutch master kit - RCautoworks Another new product we're adding to our line up. Once again, we use these on every day stock vehicles, all the way up to cars pushing over 800hp, and are using some of the most aggressive clutches out...
  10. d15b7 turbo build options. advice

    Forced Induction
    i know i am still a noob to the forums but i am in need of advice. me and my brother have been tossing the idea around of boosting our 1991 ef d15b7 we are in no rush/ no one drives the car daily.. ^^^^i DO NOT plan on boosting with stock internals things that i know i need full pieced...
  11. Wiseco 10:1 and sleeved block

    New Member Introductions
    Has anyone ever seen a setup involving the following: Y8 head delta 272-2 supertech springs/retainers z6/y7/y8 sleeved block with wiseco 10:1 flat top pistons/eagle rods and boost on e85. How would one go about finding the power this setup could make? Obviously other than when it blows..
  12. Motor vs motor

    Forced Induction
    In a bit of a dilemma. For starters this is not the casual d16 vs b16. Please continue. I have a y8 head delta 272-2, supertech springs and retainers. Y7 block a6 crank vitara/eagle. Z6 trans with rebuilt obx LSD. An opportunity has came up where I could add on 1.5k$ to my total for a b16...
  13. D16A1 boosted!! NEED HELP

    Forced Induction
    I have an 85 civic si, with d16a1 dohc motor, gsp t3t4 57trim turbo, im runing obd0, i have a p28, and a obd1 jumper for it, but i put the p28 in, and it wont even start! Please help
  14. Calling all boosted DD Vitara build owners

    Forced Induction
    How many miles does your Vitara build have, what size turbo, hp/torque numbers, fuel, and amount of boost you were running? What oil and weight? Remember as a daily driver will help answer my question. I am seeking the answer to find the average mileage a GOOD tuned boosted Vitara setup has...
  15. Blu3 new 99 ex sedan future boost

    hey guys whats up, i used to have a boosted hx coupe until a guy at work rear ended my car. i bought a 99 ex sedan about 2 weeks ago completely stock for 4000, yesterday i removed all my stock stuff and swapped it for my function and form type 2 and camber kits. Exterior -drag dr-41 +40mm -...
  16. Kevinio's D16z6 D16z6 Del Sol

    Kevinio's D16z6 Sol Hello everyone, I'm Kevin, 26 years old and live in the Netherlands. I'm a senior engineer at DAF-trucks (PACCAR) and member of the board of Honda Community Netherlands. I own a Honda Del Sol ESI with D16z6 engine. The car is almost finished, the only thing I want to do is...
  17. boost control solenoid MAC (AEM) vs GM

    Engine Management
    I am making a electric boost controller with arduino and am looking at solenoids. I just want to see what people have used and wich will be more reliable and/or stable. the two that i have found so far: The gm that quite a few people use with megasquirt. EBC Electronic Boost Control...
  18. d16z6 high compression, jrsc

    Forced Induction
    Im planing to boost my 93 eg sedan with a p29 high compression block and a crower built head. -Valve job Head/ X-crower valve springs,retainers X-black nitride dome valves X-Blox stage 1 camshaft Block/ bore .50+ X-p29 .50+ high compression piston kit X-aftermarket rods X-exedy pro series...
  19. Boost time! Stock internal d16y8

    Forced Induction
    Greetings all, I have made major advances since my last thread about many of my noob questions. I have since contacted a tuner, pieced together my own kit for around 900$ (including stage 4 cc), not including intercooler piping though. So onto the goodies :) T3/T4 ching chong turbo with 1/8...
  20. Bone stock to boost

    Forced Induction
    Hey guys I'm new here and I'm sure this has probably been posted 100+ times but I'm looking to get some experianced info into turning my bone stock d16y8 in to a reliable low boost car I'm looking into getting a Godspeed turbo. It comes with a 90 day warranty if installed by an ase certified...