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  1. 4th gear wont engage '95 VX hatch S20 Transmission

    Transmission alley
    Hi guys. New to the site. Helping my son get his 95 VX hatch back in shape after a horrible mechanic botched it all up trying to race it. Well-- long story short, I have replaced and fixed dozens of items and it's almost done--EXCEPT for 4th gear not engaging. When we first drove the car...
  2. Bolt Kit, and Gasket kit options

    Forced Induction
    I'm doing a pretty much full build on a d15b7 with a6 head and I'm curious if there's a company that sells a full kit of new bolts for the entire engine. I've been searching the web and haven't found anything.. same with gasket sets, I can't find full rebuild sets only small kits not for a full...
  3. Name that thingy! (missing bolt)

    Hey guys just had a quick question. Finished putting in new motor mounts for my zc but i noticed a bolt missing on the timing belt side of the block. It seems to be for some kind of bracket, but just wanted to check if i need to put a bolt in it or not. Here's some pics of where it should be...