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  1. D16z6 swap in ek

    New Member Introductions
    So I swapped a d16z6 engine on my 1996 civic dx and I'm having an issue. I have p28 ecu with harness conversion , y8 mani,y7 throttle body. I refined the 2 wire iacv because my old one was 3 wire and I blocked off the iacv and the y7 throttle body. I'm getting this bogging when I put my p28 ecu...
  2. Sputtering turbo d16y8

    New Member Introductions
    hi im new here and i wanted some help on my issues which is whenever i go full throttle the car sort of sputters or it seems like the exhaust gets cut off or the power gets cut off. it happens at about 6 to 6.5 rpms but not when its not under load. i am completely lost at what the problem could...
  3. Bogging Down during Hot Idle

    General Tech
    Hello all, I'm fairly new to the world of mechanics, and so far I've been doing alright. However, I have a problem that's leaving me stumped. My 1990 EF Hatchback has been bogging down badly. It usually happens after I've been driving for a bit. What happens is this: In first, when I let out...
  4. D15b/y8/z6 Frankenstein - Problems Need Help

    General Tech
    First post here, sorry if this is the incorrect section for this one. First off, I have spent the last week solid researching and have come up with numerous answers all conflicting. Now on to my issue... Recently acquired a 95 civic, head gasket blew due to overheating and sitting forever...
  5. D15b Bogging problem

    General Tech
    Hey guys this is my first post on here. Anyway the other day I was sitting at a light and pulled off and my car started to bog down to the point of not running. It then cut off and wouldn't start back up. I had the car towed home and replaced the distributor. The car ran fine for about 75 miles...
  6. d16y7 bogs on any throttle need help!!!

    Engine Management
    okay so a while back my car would stall out while i put in the clutch like at red lights about to go. I installed a walbro 255 later on to set up for boost. car ran great then the next day i start it up, take it down the street and it bogs out, barely even moved. it idles fine but under any and...
  7. Bogging Help

    Engine Management
    Setup: mini me in 96 4door. d16y7 bottom end with a 95 d16z6 head with a comp street/strip cam and aftermarket cam gear. gsr injectors and a ls throttle body and a b&m fuel regulator. New ngk wires and spark plugs. Problem. First off the speedometer is not working when I start in first it...