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  1. 2000 Civic EX VTEC blown engine

    General Tech
    i have a 2000 Civic EX VTEC 5 speed manual. About 2 weeks ago I blew then engine, crankshaft needs replaced, plus who knows what else. There were metal chunks throughout the oil pan. I am having an extremely difficult time find a direct D16Y8 replacement engine. So what are my other options...
  2. My build thread 50k no no

    I like to explain alot for some unknown reason so here it is: sorry for huge pics.. Well here the story starts!! Last summer my brother had bought a Cadillac Brogham that was sorta a POS and needed some work(remember that). We have had a family friend for many years for when we were in the...
  3. Fried Head Gasket Help

    General Tech
    Head Gasket Help; Running Rough So I was recently talking with a few people over in the DIY thread, thought I would share some pics. The head gasket was clearly fried. I am about to check the head for any warping. I know there's not much to see in these pics but can anyone see any...