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  1. Blown Headgasket after timing belt

    General Tech
    Hi guys, I had a couple of oil leaks (main seal and oil pan) and a worn-out clutch. And I needed to change my belts so I removed the engine from the car, put it in the engine stand replaced the oil pump seal and rear main seal, replaced oil pan and valve cover gasket. Did the timing, replaced...
  2. 2000 Civic EX VTEC blown engine

    General Tech
    i have a 2000 Civic EX VTEC 5 speed manual. About 2 weeks ago I blew then engine, crankshaft needs replaced, plus who knows what else. There were metal chunks throughout the oil pan. I am having an extremely difficult time find a direct D16Y8 replacement engine. So what are my other options...
  3. My build thread 50k no no

    I like to explain alot for some unknown reason so here it is: sorry for huge pics.. Well here the story starts!! Last summer my brother had bought a Cadillac Brogham that was sorta a POS and needed some work(remember that). We have had a family friend for many years for when we were in the...
  4. Fried Head Gasket Help

    General Tech
    Head Gasket Help; Running Rough So I was recently talking with a few people over in the DIY thread, thought I would share some pics. The head gasket was clearly fried. I am about to check the head for any warping. I know there's not much to see in these pics but can anyone see any...