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  1. D Series block discussion

    Engine Building
    To all d series experts! I read through the "Best d series block for boost" thread, and this one is pretty much the same but did not want to ressurect old thread. I want to build a d-series Single slammer. I have owned 2 d series engines (ek civic and ef) and have been very reliable for me...
  2. Built D16Z6 engine - buy it whole or buy the block or head

    For Sale
    Head: D16Y8 Cleaned, checked, 3 angle valve job Supertech Valve Springs Supertech Titanium Retainers Bisimoto/Web Level 2.4 Cam (Rated for up to a 80HP Gain over stock!) - almost $500 by itself after shipping! All new manifold studs and nuts ARP head studs Blue valve cover Block: D16Z6 Cleaned...
  3. Planning a Z6 build from scratch, already need help

    Engine Building
    Hey, i am building a complete z6 from scratch and need to know a good place to look for a Z6 block i havent been able to find one on the web or at a junk yard? I was going to go Y8 block with z6 head but i read that the timing will be off and at 400+ id have bad headlift so id rather have a...
  4. D15b2 Crank options

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, long story short i need to replace my crank, i have a d15b2 stock block with a fully built d16z6 head. i was wondering where i can find an oem crank relativley cheap, or if it would be worth my time and money to upgrade the crank to an aftermarket part. im definatly on a budget so id...
  5. Rod Slinging

    New Member Introductions
    So I was pulling a d16 and noticed a hole in top of the oil pan. I thought, no big deal at least the Rod didn't go through the block. As I pulled off A/C condenser I noticed a hole in the Block. I am planning on buying a block that's been bored .5 over. When I install old head onto machine...
  6. First Timer considering a D16Z6 Engine Rebuild

    Engine Building
    First, I'm a DSeries noob, and apologize if this is misplaced. I have a CRX Si with a D15B2 block. I blew a head gasket or the head was warped. I had the head leveled and rebuilt the head, but I managed to screw up the head studs threads on the block. I even managed to screw up a helicoil...
  7. D16 blocks/crank/head and EF parts

    For Sale
    Contact information 409-466-3134 text or PM's Location Beaumont, Tx ----------------------------------------------------- ALL parts are OBO D16z6 block w/mains - no pistons/rods/crank - SOLD D16z6 block - rusted sleeves, will part out anything you need off of it - $40 block no crank /...
  8. ...........

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  9. Engine dress up question.

    General Tech
    I know that this has nothing to do with engine building, but I was wondering if anyone knew if I should powercoat my block(just front & rear) before or after getting my sleeves put in. I know the process gets the block up to 350 degrees to bake, would that affect the block in any way? Or...
  10. y8 head on a z6 block, obd2 civic

    Engine Building
    I have done a lot of reading on this build and I'm not sure it is worth the trouble. but if i go through with it: will my y8 crank fit in the z6 block? i believe the z6 was obd1, what do i do about the sensors since i am keeping the obd2 (tuning with the aem ems) besides the head stud...
  11. BARE Y8 BLOCK please :)

    Want to Buy
    Got one thanks :)
  12. D16Y8 Block

    Want to Buy
    look'n 4 sleeves only.. got a local Y8.. ~THNX YA'LL!