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  1. Engine Leakage

    New Member Introductions
    Just bought a 91 RT4WD Civic Wagon, but the engine is leaking a ton so I replaced the crank seal. I'm waiting for a new lower timing cover (the lower bolt that holds the alternator was completely missing, so the alternator belt sawed completely through the timing cover) The crank seal, along...
  2. Lost on how to tighten timing belt

    General Tech
    Im starting to really hate timing. Been reading and searching threads and everything but i dont understand. Okay so the helms manual says set to tdc. So i line up the pointer to the TDC mark on the crank pulley. Then I set the cam pulley to tdc. I have a question about that first, should the cam...
  3. huh? d16y7 everything oem & untouched but timing belt off???

    General Tech
    So I've had this D16Y7 motor for like 3 years now and I got it from a bone stock 4-door civic lx that was in my local junkyard. It drives fine and never gives me problems but I pulled the motor recently and decided to service the water pump & timing belt while it was out. So I'm used to...
  4. Chain sounding noise at 2500rpm

    Engine Building
    Not sure if this is the correct forum for this. I had my mechanic change my timing belt + components, just because I know we have interference engines and didn't want to risk it since I'm not a good mechanic(yet). At 2400-2600 rpm and I put the gas pedal to the floor, I hear a loud chain...
  5. A6 Cam in D15B7 - Which belt?

    Engine Building
    Okay. Before everyone resorts to cannibalism and lectures me for not reading around, searching, etc. I did all of those things. The one thing all those threads out there don't state is what belt is supposed to be used for an A6 cam in a B7 head with a Y7/Y8 cam gear. Either I missed...
  6. D15B Skipped a Few Teeth - Bent Valves?

    Engine Building
    I'm working on a buddy's car - Apparently his timing belt jumped and the car wouldn't run. Before I started dealing with it, he said when he would try to fire it up it would run for a few seconds, very poorly, and shut down. I took it apart and sure enough, the timing was off by a few teeth...
  7. Question about D16z6 timing belt cover

    General Tech
    Hi, I am new to this site, and new to cars. I have a 1995 civic EX. I just bought and I have some trouble. The car, I have gotten does NOT have timing belt cover. The timing belt is exposed as well as the cam sprocket. When I turn on the engine, the timing belt will slip out of the sprocket...