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  1. Engine Building
    Does anyone by any chance know what color the STD bearings would be closest to? I have found lists for the thickness of each color but i cant seem to find a thickness for the aftermarket STD bearings and i have ran into bearing clearance issues due to the lovely array of bearing sizes Honda...
  2. For Sale
    i have 75mm wiseco forged pistons, eagle rods and acl race bearings for sale. all have never been used, but taken to a machine shop and balanced out. they are listed on ebay so they can be shipped to you: D16y7 D16y8 D16z6 Wiseco 75mm Pistons Eagle Forged Rods And Acl Race Bearings | eBay...
  3. Engine Building
    [Close] D15 / 16 Bearings Hi, I already looked at the forum search and searched in google but didn´t found any answer about. Need to know if D16Z6 Main & Rod Bearings Thrust Washer Fits in D15B2, or only D15b2 will fit? Thanks.
  4. Engine Building
    jdmd15b non vtec rebuild ???? i bought my crx (betty white)...about 6 mounths ago from a friend who knew nothing about hondas...i wrecked my brains trynna find out what kinda motor it was what with a d15b stamped on the block and pm3-8 head....did some research and someone said they had the...
  5. Forced Induction
    Sup fellas, I'm starting my D16z6 Vitara/FJTCL bottom end. I have a new OEM honda oil pump .025 shimmed/Ported. My question is, Should i be drilling out the oiling Holes on my bearings a bit bigger? ic people have drilled them out to match the block.. but is that cause mainly these people are...
  6. Engine Building
    Hello and I need help! I just assembled my D16Y7 block with all OEM Y8 internals, and "King" OEM bearings. I had everything mic'd and hot tanked, and the machinist said being that everything is OEM, it should all bolt up and I could skip plastigage. So, I installed the crankshaft and bearings...
  7. Engine Building
    building a z6 block with p29 but now my main bearings dont match up. i bought OEM main bearings and i did match them the color their supposed to be. so is the wrist pin higher or lower on the rod? will that mess with the main bearing clearance?
  8. Transmission alley
    Here is a jpg I made of the correct part numbers for almost all of the bearings and oil seals in the 89-91 crx si transmission. Sticky please! I've built a few of these trannys now, so if anybody has questions, feel free to point them at me, I'm sure the gurus are tired of all the attention!
1-9 of 9 Results