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  1. over-sized main bearings

    Engine Building
    Ok everyone i will get straight to it. I had my crank reground and polished and things are not adding up. I have a set that are .010 or .25mm mocked up in the engine and plasti gauged. When I checked it with the chart the plastigauge matched up with the .003 mark. from what I've read I want...
  2. spun y8 rod bearing

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, my names Anderson and I am the proud owner of a 2000 civic si clone with a y8. I picked it up from my cousins friend because he didn't have the time to fix the rod bearing. My question is can I swap in a z6? I've heard they are more reliable than a y8. He gave me a spare tuned...
  3. spun bearing rebuild

    Engine Building
    im going to start off saying sorry if im wasting ur time guys but i need some help. spun a bearing traveling to texas from ohio and now i need to rebuild. only problem i have is limited resourses(money) i know its a spun bearing. what i need to know is what i need to do to fix it. im looking...
  4. Rod bearing destroyed!

    General Tech
    I have a 95 honda civic ex with a d16z6. rod bearing on 4th cylinder went out. i bought new bearings but unfortunately the crank has been wore down because of this. 1. i need to know things like about how much would this cost me to repair? 2. would it be better just to buy another engine...