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  1. Turbo Basemap help

    Forced Induction
    Hi, I have a 2002 civic ex with a T25 turbo with a aem fic 6 as a piggy back, I switched the Injectors from 310cc Rsx to 410cc Rdx but the maps for it are all off and I don't have a solid basemap to work from. Is there anyone that has a map they could send me to at least give me a starting...
  2. My turbo d16 td05h build build

    New Member Introductions
    hey guys! car:d16y7 hatchback I'm turbo'ing my car and ive searched the forums already so please dont tell me to search! (links would be nice though in case i did miss anything) *note this is a budget build* so heres the deal what i have at this time: (will be making edits through build) -...
  3. p28 d15b vtec basemap+map sensor

    Engine Management
    89 crx + jdm d15b vtec obd1 conversion i bought a chipped p28 ecu and eprom burner im trying to use crome to calibrate an omni power 4 bar map sensor motor starts with or with out chip and runs very rich i have tryed programing the map sensor in boost tools custom i get the correct voltage at...
  4. Epic Fail at the dyno today. 123whp 142wtq @ 14psi.....WTF?!?!

    Forced Induction
    Epic Fail at the dyno today. 123whp 142wtq @ 14psi.....WTF?!?! - Update 6/27 w/ video this is a really long post, but please bear with me... i haven't spent much time over here at d-series (although i plan to start coming here more often) so a lot of you aren't familiar with me or my setup...