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  1. Engine Building
    Heyy guys back again in my last post i put a d15b1 into my ek jus to find out that it needs pistons rings :bs: good thing i got it for free lol. i just wanna know if i can put my z6 pistons in d15 and use my y8 head ? or should i just put the z6 internals into a y8 block ?
  2. Engine Building
    So I just got my engine block back from the machine shop and I take it home to look at the deck and see this AFTER I paid for it to get decked. I called and he said "If (Insert shop worker here) says it's ok then it's fine." I don't know what the hell that entials, but im pretty upset. I had...
  3. Engine Building
    as the title says, my civics giving me problems. Again. and yes, I've already done mass amounts of research, checked my pcv valve and any fuel lines for clogging but I have yet to come across ANYTHING that will help me out with this problem. To describe it a general way my car has lost almost...
1-3 of 3 Results