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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hey Guys, Bit controversial I know but I'm wanting to fit a UEL manifold to my build, it's more of a sound/appearance build than a performance one. I'm completely stuck with trying to get some headers custom made for the D16 engine instead I can only get them for a B18. I've done some research...
  2. New Member Introductions
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone, im sure a lot of you have seen these posts many times and I know this is D-series but im somewhat new to the civic scene so Any help would be appreciated! I have a 2000 civic ex coupe (EJ8 with the...
  3. Want to Buy
    Front B-Series Engine Mount EG chassis Front Left on my car is tore up. Need a replacement, going to fill with urethane this time. Sipped to L3V2R4 Canada
  4. Naturally Aspirated
    I have a complete B18B for my 1989-91 honda civic si (D16A6). I did some reading. -obd0 - obd1 conversion harness -linkage -b series mounts -b16 cable tranny what else do i need? please help :) i want to do it, but i want to make sure i have all the stuff before i do so. Thank you lots...
  5. Engine Building
    D15B7 BLOCK mated with D15B VTEC HEAD? IVE GOOGLED IT ALREADY AND FOUND NOTHING! I DRIVE OVER 4000 MILES A MONTH WILL IT LAST? Do i buy the Water pump for a b7 or what? along with oil pump? thank you for the help.. dont be a azz and tell me to try a search ive been searching for weeks and dont...
  6. Engine Building
    WHP goal is 250-270. So, here's the build. D16y8 block (have) YCP Vitara Pistons (need) Stock B18a1 rods (have) ACL bearings (need) 550cc RC injectors (need) 255Lph Fuel Pump (need) Stock sleeves (yep) Stock Head (have) Tuning by me using Chrome (yep) XTD stage 4 clutch (have) Okay, now time...
  7. General Tech
    Are there any other stock exhaust parts that I can throw on a DC. I cant find any specifically off of a DC. so i want to try and maybe peice something together.....PLEASE HELP!!!!!
  8. Showcase
    So My Ins. was bullshitting and bullshitting, they took off money for like everything, so after i paid back a small loan i took out i had enough for a little toy and maybe something clean too.... Already bought my toy! Had a Buddy in Need for money bad and had a project he was suppose to to pa...
1-8 of 8 Results