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  1. Engine Building
    So in my quest to make my build look OEM I've been thinking to get a B16A2 intake pipe/hose to my TB to make it look OEM Now I have a Skunk2 Pro series intake manifold so the TB is farther back, closer to the firewall. From images it looks like the B16A2 intake pipe is slightly longer than the...
  2. Showcase
    So the ball and chain has been getting upset that "nothings been getting done to her car"which so might as well post this up since i have to do all the work... 2000 civic SI Blox polished LCAs stagg damponing technologies struts tein springs Ksport full body coilovers (not installed yet)...
  3. Want to Buy
    This list will grow as I start digging around. This is all for a 1995 EX Coupe Rearview Mirror Front Lip for a coupe (rear lip also?) Mudflaps (all of them) Front Drivers side fender liner with clips. Light Gray center console w/armrest Light Gray Glovebox Honda Steering Wheel (Gray?) Nice...
1-3 of 3 Results