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  1. I need this done and figured out A.S.A.P.

    New Member Introductions
    Ive had this car for years and havent made one pull on it, one thing after another. 1.)I currently have a 374hp D16z6, I need new axles (again) and have 1994 Integra front brake calipers. Do I need need spindles or hubs to put these on? 2.)Are there any decently affordable higher performance...
  2. 5 Speed Si transmission into 90 Civic hatch

    Okay let me first say I have a 1990 Honda Civic Hatchback not the Si. I want to swap my 4speed transmission (stock) with a 5 Speed Si Transmission out of an 89-91 Si civic. Will it bolt right up or do I need new axles and Hubs. Thanks.
  3. Which axles do i use?

    ZC trans in an 90 EF9
  4. MFactory Stage 1 Racing Axles

    Whoopee Doo Racing
    Now available for the 92-00 D series! Put more power to the ground with the MFactory Stage 1 Racing Axles, designed specifically for the high performance Road/Race market and conservatively rated to 450whp. -Made from 100% Pure Australian Steel -Axle Shafts & 10% larger 6-Ball CV Joints Forged...
  5. Trans leaking...

    Transmission alley
    I've searched across this forum and others as well but can't seem to find an answer. I just replaced the axles on my D16Z6 trans and did the seals too while I had them out. Refilled with Honda MTF, 1.9 quarts as per manual. Drives great, only problem is that it leaks a little fluid when the...