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  1. Showcase
    Hello friends, Sometime between 5:00 pm on jan 1 and 10:00 am Jan 2 my coupe was stolen from my assigned parking space in the townhome i have been renting for the past 6 years. It never once left my stranded, more reliable than any of the stock Hondas I have owned:sadface: Here is a picture of...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi guys :) my first post woohoo!. I have been wanting to get into these forums for a bit now but been a bit busy. My plans for this ride is certainly going to be turbo. I was told to send the block out to get cast iron sleeves if I really wanted to boost the shit out of it ha ha. Few pics I will...
  3. Forced Induction
    I have kept my name short and simple so that it will remind people of me. I am a resident of United States of America. I love to share that I love American domination over the entire world because I have been to several countries, when I tell people that I am from America, they start respecting me.
1-3 of 4 Results