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  1. nitrous on 2000 si opinions

    Forced Induction
    alright so ill start with some minaor backround. ive had my civic si 2 years now its a canadian model so it came with the d16y8 with auto tranny. over the past two years i ahve been contmplating which route to go to give me more power namely for passing on the highway and the occasional spurt in...
  2. Automatic d16z6 ECU

    Engine Management
    Ok, I've got a Z6 going into an 88 civic wagon. wagon is automatic and I want to keep it that way. I want to know if I have to have an auto P28 since I will be using the 88-91 auto tranny. I know the auto p28 has controls for the 92-95 Transmission control unit, but I dont know if it has any...
  3. auto d16z6 questions

    New Member Introductions
    Hello D-series Let me first say that I am new to hondas all together. I recently got my self an 88 civic wagon, automatic d15b2 dpfi. I picked up a d16z6 for a very good price and i have picked up a lot of other parts as well, such as a gude throttle body, mugen replica headers, spare dizzy...
  4. 94 Civic 4dr Lx

    For Sale
    Hi Guys, My name is James Milam The car is a 1994 White Honda Civic LX VIN: 1HGEG8655RL040767 Location: Uniondale NY Currently the car is not running for reasons unknown. I just swapped a d15 motor into and have checked for all the normal things. It cranks normally just not...
  5. Newb needing help D17 a/t potential?

    7th Gen
    Hey ive got a d17 non vtech with an automatic transmission (04 civic lx) i was wondering what the potential of this setup is i was considering a standard tranny swap but decided it isnt something i need just a want and gettin a new honda isnt an option at this moment (payments= grrrrrr). anyways...
  6. y8 mani- automatic or manual?

    Engine Building
    hey guys, i was wondering if anyone could point out any pictures showing the difference from the manual and auto intake manifold off a d16y8. I would greatly appreciate it.