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  1. Engine Management
    Having some issues with auto to manual ecu conversion I got 4 ecus sitting here 2 p75 and 2 p06 from what I read online. Ecu codes ending with c01 are manul and ones with c51 are auto. But one p75 c01 has both resistors at rp17 and rp18 wich doesn't that mean it auto? And my othere p75c51is...
  2. For Sale
    I have the intake manifold and throttle body off of a d16y8 engine. It was an automatic so the iacv is under the throttle body rather than the back of intake manifold. If you are not running an automatic, honda left spots on the back where you can just drill a couple holes to place a manual...
  3. General Tech
    Is it possible to swap an automatic D16Z6 into a '91 CRX (currently has an automatic D15B2)? What are some of the hurdles to overcome?
1-3 of 3 Results