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  1. Naturally Aspirated
    Hi all, hoping someone here might be able to help with this. Disclaimer: I know a manual is better, I wish I could have one, as I really miss my old one. Car is also used by a family member who is physically incapable of operating a manual, the whole reason I bought this auto in the first...
  2. DOHC ZC
    Hi everyone, my names John. Im new to the site but not new to hondas but i need some help here My daily driver, a 96 civic lx (d16y7) was ran without oil and spun a bearing to say the least. The best deal i could find was a ZC motor from a local engine shop. After doing some research i havent...
  3. General Tech
    okay Im planning to do a mini swap Ive got an auto tranny (I really want a 5 speed but the auto will do for now) Im using the write up as a guide Im going to be using a p2p ECU for AT I keep hearing you have to wire in a knock sensor how do you do that? will having an auto...
1-3 of 3 Results