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    System is clear and LOUD! Bass does not over power the highs. I think what I have done so far is a little unique. Although you will only see 4 speakers, (the rest of the pics wouldn't upload...) there are actually 12 speakers installed: -JVC head unit -2 1000 watt Alpine amps -1 Farad Raptor...
  2. For Sale
    I'm selling my car audio set up. Everything is in 100% used working condition. I still have it connected in my car, so you know it works. This setup sounds amazing and the amp pushes hard, easily pushes my 2 subs at about half way. 1 Amp Rockford Fosgate® - P1000-1bd 1 Farad Rockford Fosgate®...
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    Hi, We are a dutch team and car tuning en styling company Our car list: Civic coupe 1.6 d16y7 1997 (daily drive) Civic Ek 1.5 vtek-e swaped to complete type r B16B Civic EG 1.5 LSI 3-drs (daily drive) CRX Del Sol ESI JDM Eclipse convertible turbo Nissan 350Z 2006 More info...
1-3 of 3 Results