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  1. Engine Building
    hey just a psa, the “D16Y” head studs from arp are too short to use on a d16y8. the “d16” 208-4301 is the correct set. haven’t really seen this covered on here so yeah :)
  2. Engine Management
    Hello guy, i had this problem i just rebuild my engine this week. and i was running it today and it just over heating a lil bit. i was think i was the thermostat so i buy one and put it on. when i broke my engine my head bend 10 degreed so I fix it. before it my head was cutted. it have a felpro...
  3. Engine Building
    Hey, So I have my head torqued down, and Im looking at it here, and when I look at the studs, there are different lengths sticking out. In other words, the top of the stud is sticking above the nut differing amounts. Is this normal for these? They were all twisted down hand tight, till I...
  4. Want to Buy
    Hey Guys, Looking to buy following parts urgently. Let me know what you got. ARP for D16Y8, new ones. ARP D series rod bolts for JDM D15B, new ones. Stage 2/3 Clutch Competition/Act/Exedy with Fidanza flywheel for JDM D15B - Already bought Comp clutch Stage 3 and Fidanza 7LB Flywheel. Looking...
  5. For Sale
    Hi, I live in montreal and I got the wrong ARP head studs for my car. I have a d16y8 and I got ARPs for a d16z6. I asked for the wrong part number. If anybody on here lives in montreal And would like to trade send me a PM. Hopefully I'll find someone. Part number is 208-4301.
1-5 of 5 Results