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  1. My ZC all motor results

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    So i recently tuned and i made: 115hp - 109tq (MOTOR) 180Hp - 179tq (37Jet/68shot NOS) and that was only the first and only pull on the nitrous, i seemed to have injector issues, connectors were moving a bit too much and i needed a relay on my Gas pump(340LPH KEMSO) My setup is : 64mm TB Stock...
  2. I want to built d15b high comression!!(HELPplz)

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    Hi Guyzz!! I want help from my brothers :) I Have 88(EF)Sedan, And I Have D15b-NonVtec Block and D15bSingleVtec Head ! I've Got These Things: (P08ECU Chipped. 4-2-1 headers 2'5" Downpipng HKS groundwiring and satbilizers kit Air Intake Cone And Pipe 6 Puck clutch plate HKS lightweight pully) I...
  3. d16z6 rebuild (Mini Cooper swap)

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    Hey guys, So i just finished swapping the engine in and ive run into a small issue. Below is a video that I took revving the engine up a bit... As you can see, the smoke doesn't happen until the higher RPMs. I figured that the smoke is probably due to worn rings. So, I...
  4. D16Y8 High Comp

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    Hey guys just looking into some better information and tips anyone has for building a High Compression D16Y8, I currently have one in my 2000 EL but I bought another engine and transmission off a friend for $100 (for good reason, it was shit inside) Cylinder 2 and 3 are both egg shaped at the...
  5. NA d16z6 build opinions

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    Hi, I'm new to this site and new to modifications as well. I've had an interest in Hondas since I first took a ride in my buddy's civic over a year ago and been hooked since. Anyway I've got a stock 92 civic si and would like to mod it out in the near future. Been doing lots of research and this...
  6. 76mm PG6's in d16z6 block

    Engine Building
    question is, I cant really resurface the block even bare minimum because if I do my pistons(pg6) will sit lil bit above deck height?? am I wrong?? and another question is when poring the oil pump can I use my old one or is that not recommended my block has about 230k miles . and what will I...
  7. D16y8 cam for sale.

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  8. The "safe" turbo build

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    Well before I start, I wanted to state that I just got my first car (a eg hatch) about a month ago and my timing belt lost teeth which killed my b18b. I looked all over for a new b16 or Gsr but the ones that seemed the most reliable cost over 2000$. I'm a high school student with not a lot of...
  9. Mini me build d15b2/ z6

    Engine Building
    Hey guys, so im currently halfway through my engine build. Its on a well maintained D15b2 block with a D16z6 head. Im swapping my mini me out for this fresh one that should be bringing me some more ponys because when i bought the car the seller told me it had a bad cylinder. VERY TRUE. Months...
  10. d16y8 build help!

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    alright im looking to build my d16 because its different. lol i know it doesnt make much power but its what i want i would like to go high compression running on the bottle im trying to figure out what pistons i should use rods cam camshaft valve valve springs ect all the goodies for an awesome...
  11. Honda day!!!!!

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    Whos going???????? And where r u from????? Whatcha driving???? I almost had to cancell my trip tomorrow to jersey for honda day when a simple brake job turned into a 5.5 hour pain in the ass 2nite. So at 11:30pm i finished it up and all i gotta do is wake up early and change the oil quik and...
  12. 1st build

    Run what ya brung!!! Using my stock y7 and giving it some pep. Current plans atm Y7 Head-* 3 angle valve job Supertech valve springs 272 delta Y8 2 layer head gasket.** Y8 intake manifold King bearings Arp head bolts Block- Stock pistons (debating npr p29's) King bearings rod/main. * * Arp...
  13. Maximizing quench

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    Hi everyone, ive been looking through this forum the last week and looking at a lof peoples builds trying to figure out my own. I found a build in peticular that i really like. I am doing my y7 for my 1st build so i have some experience b4 i jump rite into something crazy. So on that note imma...
  14. Whats up guys!

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    Hey guys, just wanna Say whats up! Im on here to learn as much as possible bout the d series engines. I have basic knowledge of d series but thats bout it. I am planning my 1st build rite now, im keeping it simple cus its my 1st build and i wanna have a build under my belt b4 i go all out!
  15. Bumpy road to my y8 tranny

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    Well i started gathering parts last week for my all motor build as some of u know. Atm i have a y8 intake manifold and b16 tb. Ive hit like 8 people up who were selling trannys and after days of waiting and delay i started my hour and a half venture to pick it up and kn the way i stopped and...
  16. Hello fellow noobs

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    Just thought id say hi to all my fellow noobs to this site and to engine building. My name is joe and im from strong island, ny! Im a honda fanatic and my goal is to one day kno every single aspect to creating amazing motors and setups, so dont mind me if i ask a million questions. I just...
  17. Port and polish or just remove rough cast?

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    Just figured id get everyones opinion on the topic of whether to port and polish a head or just make everything smooth being a noob to pnp work? R the gains noticable by just making the ports smooth? Is it easy to mess up the flow when being a noob to pnp work? Is it beneficial to just open...
  18. Building a all motor y7

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    with the help of some cool people on this site im ready to start my build. so atm i am slowly gathering parts for my all motor budget y7 build. i am moving from long island to georgia in a year and a half so i am on a budget so with help i gathered up a good setup for a reasonable price. this...
  19. Y7 build help!!!

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    Whats up dseries! Im planning on taking my car off the road soon cus its burns oil like crazy! I would do a crazy turbo build and swap to a gsr but since i have to move next year i cant spend that kind of money. After learning bout the d series engines i woukd like to build a mild y7 all motor...
  20. All motor or turbo with juice

    Engine Building
    ok im just curious wat u guys out there wuld reccomend for a build i know there is ups and downs for both but id like to kno wat u all think ?