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  1. Engine Building
    So i did a swap to a d16y8 for my e.g. hatch and i want ac. Theres a big heatwave coming and well i have the cash for it haha. So i see a bunch of things on craigslist for a/c systems but I'm just wondering what i need to watch to for. What does a whole a/c system consist of? What are general...
  2. General Tech
    Sometimes I borrow an Acura from the family. The climate control on it is awesome. Just turn the dial to set the thermostat to whatever temperature you want. I want to do this for my honda. Right now I have a bad three-wire A/C Thermostat. First thing I need to know: Is it safe to bridge the...
  3. General Tech
    The purpose of this thread is more of a consensus and discussion of similar A/C problems than a query. I was driving through some heavy rain this morning, using my A/C to keep the windows from fogging. Out of the corner of my eye I see the A/C switch flickering. Suddenly there is a rather...
1-3 of 3 Results